By Jon Tayler
March 20, 2014

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While you were sleeping or feverishly trying to finish your NCAA tournament bracket, Yasiel Puig and the Dodgers were playing an exhibition game against the Australian national team in Sydney ahead of this weekend's season-opening series with Arizona. And as you can see above, being in a whole different hemisphere changed nothing for Puig, who remembered to bring his cannon of a right arm with him to Australia.

Kudos to Australia's third-base coach, who apparently never bothered to read the part of Puig's scouting report that says, "He will come up throwing on literally any ball hit to him. Really. Anything at all. And he also has a stupidly good arm, so don't test him on anything. Especially not a simple groundball with a runner on second base." Oddly detailed scouting report, but still, one the coach likely should've heeded.

That wasn't all that Puig contributed to Thursday's game. He also helped the Dodgers get on the board with a two-run bomb to left off of the most bearded man in Australia, evening the game at two in the eighth inning. Los Angeles eventually won, 4-2.

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Even though it's still spring, that's a regular-season ready bat flip for Puig. He's clearly been practicing, though.

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