By Jon Tayler
April 03, 2014

I know what you're thinking: "The worst" is a hyperbolic phrase/term that gets thrown around a lot. But is there any other way to describe what Aaron Hicks did in that play above? That route is the literal opposite of a Tom Emanski defensive drills video. It's a video loop from MLB The Show when your controller gets disconnected. It's the kind of flailing, panic-filled, downright sad effort you or I would put up if we were thrown into that game right before that ball was hit. There's no sound on that GIF, but you can practically hear Aaron Hicks screaming in fear as he loses sight of the ball, runs the wrong way multiple times, and then finishes it off by letting the ball bounce by him to give Jose Abreu a triple. Keep in mind that this is a player Baseball Prospectus called "defensive-minded" back in 2013. They may want to revisit that scouting report.

Jeff Sullivan

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