By Jon Tayler
April 04, 2014

We like to think of athletes as being the peak of humanity when it comes to coordination and physical ability. At the very least, we like to imagine that they're capable of feats of agility and strength that the average person simply can't do. Well, Brewers pitcher Wily Peralta is here to take that theory of yours and throw it completely in the garbage. Keep an eye on the right side of that GIF, and you'll see Peralta take a huge tumble as he comes running out of the visitors' dugout in Fenway Park ahead of Milwaukee's game against Boston. Peralta was okay, aside from a badly bruised ego and some swelling to his pride.

For whatever reason, though, ESPN Boston writer Joe McDonald chose a ... let's say, alternative way of saying that Peralta had tripped over himself.

I think this is why the #HorrifyingIfLiteral hashtag was created.

Pete Blackburn

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