By Jon Tayler
April 18, 2014

Despite his otherworldly speed, Billy Hamilton hasn't really impressed in his first major league season. Going into Friday's matinee affair against the Cubs, Hamilton was hitting a mere .170, or eight hits in 47 at-bats, and had struck out 11 times against only three walks. It's a big reason why, despite all that ludicrous speed, Hamilton has just four stolen bases in 14 games. But hey, you might be saying, maybe he's just had some bad luck. Surely he's a better hitter than what he's shown so far.

The rebuttal: The swing you see above on a Jeff Samardzija fastball, the kind of swing that looks less like the concerted effort of a big league hitter to make contact and more like the desperate efforts of a man who is clearly overwhelmed by everything around him. It's really more of an axe chop, as Hamilton apparently decided that this whole swinging the bat horizontally thing is for the birds, and that vertical swings are the wave of the future. He may want to take that theory back to the drawing board.

That swing, by the way, was strike three in that at-bat, but really, any time a hitter takes a swing like that, it should automatically end the at-bat anyway, no matter when it takes place.

Mike Petriello

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