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From the Locker Room: TA Knows What Time it Is

"We gotta get this win today. "We have to get it."

As much as the heightened status of today's do-or-die Game 3 pulls leadoff hitter and team heartbeat Tim Anderson, the more he resists and just goes about his business.

"Everybody know what it is: Do or die," Anderson said pregame. "We know that. We need a win today. Gotta try to go out and get a win ... This is the game you wanna be in. Who wants it the baddest. Hopefully we ready, and keep it moving."

When confronted with the idea that a good starter (Chris Bassitt) made the Chicago bats fall cold yesterday, how does Anderson look at the challenge of Mike Fiers, who has historically pitched extremely well against the White Sox?

"Just treating it like a regular game, regular season," TA said. "Going out and doing my job the way I know how ...Today’s a new day. That was in the past. We start something fresh today. We gotta go out there a stick to our plan."

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The End of the Beginning

Still, Anderson knows that a win here and an advance to the final four of the AL playoffs could be franchise-altering.

"Definitely can. Winning would be huge," Anderson said. "Something we’re looking to do. Keep changing the culture to get on the winnings side of things. We gotta get this win today. 

"We have to get it."


Tim Anderson footage courtesy of the Chicago White Sox.