Brand-new arm, same old snarl: Carlos Rodón is back

Brett Ballantini

While a touch late to the dais, Carlos Rodón brought the expected vigor to his short media session after afternoon workouts on Sunday.

"HEY GUYS!" the southpaw greeted everyone, before launching into a Q&A dotted with typical Hard Carl color.

Rodón acknowledged being, albeit in a backwards sort of way, "fortunate to have a little layoff" due to the pandemic, in that it allowed him to catch up to the rest of the White Sox rotation in terms of readiness. Just today, the southpaw threw three simulated innings/45 pitches, so he's right in step with the other starters in spite of coming off of Tommy John surgery.

Not that the feisty flinger is insistent on starting all season. "A lot of us are going to have to encompass different roles," he said. "All of us are probably willing to step into any role."

And what's great about seeing Rodón, bright and eager, is that it's not just his mental and emotional state that's tip-top, but his physical strength is there as well.

"It's been awhile since I've felt this good," he smiled. 

When pressed, the White Sox veteran elaborated, saying he could finally just "throw." Even after shoulder surgery in 2018, he felt fatigue at season's end — not as strong as today. Rodón compared his arm strength right now to when he first arrived in Chicago, in 2015 or 2016.

Speaking to the mental challenge of pitching when hurt, or at least not feeling 100%, Rodón said "obviously, having arm trouble as a pitcher is a pretty big issue," explaining that the "hesitation" he felt between pitches was a real issue for him.

Rodón also had a little fun with my question about team chemistry in a truncated season like 2020, which you can watch above.

For the entire session with Rodón, view below, courtesy of the Chicago White Sox:

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Mark Liptak
Mark Liptak


He's healthy just in time as he hits the homestretch towards free agency. When he will leave the club...remember who his agent is. Boras ALWAYS recommends his clients take that route.