Luis Robert sets social media aflame

Brett Ballantini

As Carlos Rodón left the media room after his session today, he called the next player under the spotlight, Luis Robert, "MVP."

Robert feigned ignorance — but the ascendant star knew what was said. In fact, he keeps abreast of all the scuttlebutt surrounding his extraordinary skills.

Case in point, his un-possible, falling-down homer off Rodón in Saturday's intrasquad game.

"Every time I do something that people don’t’ see very often, I know people are going to start talking, and there will be some jokes," Robert smiles. "I got back to the dugout, and guys were saying, 'Yeah, that’s going to be shown on Sportscenter.' I was checking my social media in the clubhouse. It made me feel good. But when I do those [highlight-reel] things, I’m not thinking of [going viral]."

While Robert did correct a question that presumed Cuba's baseball season was just about the same length as this truncated 2020 (it in fact runs 90 games, not 60), the center fielder saw some lessons that could apply to this MLB campaign.

"In a season like this one, we have to start pretty hot right out of the gate," Robert says. "There's no chance if you start slow. If you don’t start hot, you have to be able to adjust as fast as you can. The season will be over quick."

Luis Robert was the talk of White Sox summer camp on Saturday, and unless you've been under a rock, it's easy to see why. Give this full interview a listen, courtesy of the Chicago White Sox:

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Timmay has the Bat Flip, Luis has the Fall Down ... some Sox is gonna blast one in Cleveland, get stung by a stable fly and unveil the Neck Slap.


Be nice if he picked something different than a Laker jersey to wear for the interview.