Ricky Renteria, Day 2: Hoping to stay the course

Brett Ballantini

The good vibes of summer camp remain, two days in, as evidenced by post-workout comments from manager Ricky Renteria and, later, outfielder Eloy Jiménez.

Renteria, with his players itching to get some real burn in, will be ramping up to intersquad games by the middle of next week, in his estimation. He said that on Sunday, Lucas Giolito would get up and down 3 ½ times in a simulated game, as the team inches toward intrasquad play.

The big news of the moment was four Atlanta Braves players, among several prominent names across baseball, testing positive for coronavirus.

"Hopefully, they won't be doing anything different," Renteria said of concerns about his own players. "We're just being consistent with our message to players."

With the White Sox still not announcing their additional 14 players (of 60) for the season, I wondered what was going into (or had gone into) determining that group. Renteria's answer, above, didn't provide much beyond the expected, that the White Sox would be hoping to strike the best balance possible with their talent and depth.

Springing out of that sentiment came one of the more entertaining lines of the afternoon, however. On his own accord, in reference to his specific role on the field during these workouts, Renteria mentioned how active was, despite the fact that, "I know people just think I sit out there and do nothing."

Here's Ricky's full conversation, courtesy of the White Sox:

And here's some sights and sounds from Day 2 of Summer Camp, again courtesy of the White Sox and SoxTV: