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Yoán Moncada: We're taking the coronavirus seriously

Before Monday's rainout, the third baseman had a number of thoughts on the current state of baseball

In the annals, July 27, 2020 is not going to go down as the best day baseball's ever had.

Across baseball, the Miami Marlins were decimated by positive coronavirus tests and quarantining. This spurred a wider-angle view throughout baseball, as players and management mulled over the wisdom of continuing the season just begun.

In Cleveland, before rain washed out Monday's White Sox game, Yoán Moncada was peppered with questions about the news of the day.

"It’s a complicated situation for everybody, for the Marlins," said Moncada, who pulled through his coronavirus scare earlier this month. "For us, it’s just a reminder we have to take care of ourselves. It’s a very serious thing."

After seeing Moncada spitting like a lawn sprinkler during this past series to open the season, I had to ask Moncada whether he was willing to tighten his behavior, to preserve safety of himself and his fellow players.

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"I think we’ll have to change on the team — social distancing, trying to not contact — as much as we can," he said. "We have to do all we can. I know this is very serious."

Moncada said he hadn't heard from manager Ricky Renteria, who was hospitalized as a precaution after exhibiting symptoms, saying "I wish him the best." Reports late on Monday were that Renteria tested negative and would be back with the club on Tuesday.

As for Moncada, who was benched on Sunday to give his tired arm a rest, he is ready to play as much as possible during the upcoming, eight-game road trip.

"I’ve been feeling good with the throwing program," he said. "It’s something good for me. I need to keep working on that."

For the full video session (with some audio issues from Cleveland), courtesy of the White Sox, watch below: