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Yankees' Brian Cashman 'Optimistic' That Baseball Will Be Played in 2020

While Major League Baseball and the players' union negotiate over the league's latest proposal for the 2020 regular season, Brian Cashman is staying positive.

The Yankees' general manager revealed on a charity video call Thursday morning that he's "optimistic" an agreement will be made between the two sides and that there will be baseball this summer. 

“I am optimistic,” Cashman said as reporters including Brendan Kuty of listened in. “I don’t represent the players and the (players') association. Obviously there’s a lot of hurdles that everyone’s trying to navigate here, and certainly trying to find common ground appropriately with the Players Association is one of those things and obviously the commissioner of baseball and his team are having honest, frank conversations and negotiations. 

"I’m optimistic that where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

All proceeds from Cashman's Zoom call will benefit Family Centers’ Emergency Family Assistance Fund, providing financial relief to Fairfield County residents affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Cashman explained that the ongoing negotiations this week between the league and MLBPA are about much more than just finances. After all, we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

“I know Major League Baseball has been working extremely hard, as all the individual clubs, collectively. have as well, to come up with best practices and from my understanding, the very first conversation, didn’t involve economics at all,” Cashman said, with Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News listening in. “It was more ‘how are we going to keep the employees, from players to coaches to support staff and travel parties and etc, safe.


“That’s been the initial prime focus of trying to share that information of how can we as an industry, create a safe environment, because that’s the only way it’s going to work. Just like every business out there is coming up with new best practices, we are researching about the best hygiene care ... and obviously continuing to practice social distancing and making certain adjustments as we enter this new world that we are dealing with.

“Baseball is no different, even though it’s a sport,” Cashman explained. "It might have other challenges. Everybody has a unique challenge, but each industry is trying to find a way to adjust in this COVID environment so we can move forward.”

Should this proposal come to fruition, a truncated season would begin on July 1 stretching for 82 games. There will be plenty of unique rule changes within this blueprint, including realigned divisions, a universal designated hitter, expanded rosters and an expanded postseason.

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Cashman added that no matter what industry you represent, it's important that everyone does their part during these unprecedented times.

“We’ve all found ways to adjust and make adjustments. So, obviously, as we continue, this great country [will] continue to navigate," he said. "With this COVID-19 experience moving forward, it’s incumbent upon all of us to find a way. I trust that all leadership will find a way within our industry, just like everybody’s trying to do in their own respective industries as well.”

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