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'The Core Four's Last Dance'; Yankees Version of ESPN's Michael Jordan Miniseries

Regardless of your favorite team, or even your favorite sport, odds are you've watched some of 'The Last Dance.'

ESPN's 10-part documentary miniseries debuted two weekends ago. In that span, millions have flocked to their television sets and laptop screens to get a glimpse of the exclusive, all-access footage of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls during their final championship run in the 1997-1998 NBA season.

If you haven't had a chance to enjoy it live, then you've undoubtedly scrolled past a clip or story on social media in the last few weeks. 

This of course is heavenly for Bulls fans. While stuck in quarantine amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with no live games, they get an opportunity to relive the entirety of Jordan's career and go back in time to learn more about his supporting cast. It'll culminate with the end of an era, a sixth championship in eight years.

For those that have watched, surely you've allowed your mind to wander to what a miniseries on your favorite team would look like. And if you're reading this piece, there's a good chance the Yankees are that franchise.

As interesting as it would be to have exclusive footage of the legendary 1927 Yankees, or the iconic teams during New York's five-peat from 1949-1953, let's face it. Technology was different back then and interviewing those involved would be impossible as most have since passed away.

That's why an all-access series, similar to 'The Last Dance,' on the Core Four would be more realistic to pull off. Besides, if you ask the Yankee faithful, it would be just as entertaining. 

If you think about it, the storyline in 'The Last Dance' has several components in common with this group of Yankees and their dominance stretching from their first title together in 1996 through their final championship as a unit in 2009.

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The run includes one core of players with a unique and ever-changing supporting cast, down years between titles, trades for missing pieces and of course first-ballot Hall of Famers spending their entire careers within one franchise that tie the entire story together.  

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Derek Jeter's celebrity in the Big Apple rivals Jordan's status as he ascended to greatness in the Windy City. They were both top draft picks, Rookie of the Year Award winners and dominant at their craft from start to finish. Plus, New York has Mariano Rivera who was the greatest of all time at his position, a GOAT some would say.

Imagine a miniseries with interviews and exclusive looks in the clubhouse with Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and other members of the Yankees family including Alex Rodriguez, Hideki Matsui (who won the World Series MVP), Joe Girardi, Joe Torre, Brian Cashman and so many more. 

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Who will serve as the Dennis Rodman in this whole proposal still remains to be seen.

Then, factor in the Core Four's greatest rivals – on and off the field – along with famous girlfriends and family members, journalists, politicians, you name it. Some of the best moments of 'The Last Dance' so far have been anecdotes and added context from those that didn't share the court at the United Center with Jordan and Scottie Pippen.

Would that type of documentary series have a similar hype as ESPN's Jordan series did leading up to its debut? Perhaps the fact that sports fans are yearning for content to watch as a community due to mass shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic has played a role in the mass success. You can't deny, however, the end of Jordan's championship-winning run was a fascinating and historic time. 

To a similar extent, the same can be said about the Core Four's final time hoisting a World Series trophy in 2009.

Who else would you want to see in this hypothetical docuseries? And what would the title be? Let us know in the comments below! 

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