Yankee Stadium to Turn into Drive-in Movie Theater and Live Concert Venue This Summer

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Although fans won't be allowed inside Yankee Stadium any time soon due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there's still a way to attend live events at the Yankees' home ballpark this summer. 

Coinciding with a recent revival of drive-in movies, 'Uptown Drive-In Experience' is a festival that will take place each weekend this summer in the parking lot outside Yankee Stadium.

Starting in July, there will be movies played, live concerts to watch, car-side dinner service provided by local street vendors as well as live interactive games, raffles and giveaways. 

The event is being put together by MASC Hospitality Group, a New York-based company responsible for the Bronx Night Market and the Bronx Beer Festival.

Here's more information on this unique opportunity – providing New Yorkers with exciting summertime activities while promoting social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic – from the event's website:

Anticipating the reopening process in NYC, we've been working on the idea of an Uptown Drive-In Experience since late March. We have created a social distancing playground to serve as the first step to normalization and made it right here in our beloved Bronx.

Tickets are ALL-INCLUSIVE, available online only, limited per occurrence, and on a first-come, first-serve basis. We're working with city/state authorities to guarantee proper Covid19 related procedures and precautions are applied.

To view the entertainment from your vehicle, hosts and performers will have their voices projected through car radios from a main stage, reports Collier Sutter of Time Out New York. 

Uptown Drive-In is aiming to have a date-night experience on the evenings of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. A family-friendly series, featuring brunch, will take place during the day on Saturdays and Sundays, Sutter also reports.

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Major League Baseball's latest proposal, should negotiations between the league and players union result in an agreement over the coming days and weeks, calls for an 82-game season beginning in July. Plenty of health and safety protocols will be enforced for the players while fans are not expected to be able to attend games because of the virus. 

New York will reportedly return to the franchise's facility in Tampa for a second Spring Training next month if the proposal comes to fruition. The Yankees' home games will be held at Yankee Stadium throughout the truncated season.

For more information, including prices and where to apply for tickets, head over to Uptown Drive-In Experience's website by clicking here.

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