What Yankees Are Posting on Social Media During Coronavirus Pandemic and Delay to Opening Day

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While in self-quarantine or working from home, plenty have turned to social media to pass the time during the novel coronavirus pandemic ... professional athletes included.

With Spring Training suspended and the regular season pushed back eight weeks due to COVID-19, countless players across MLB have gone back to their personal homes, dispersing across the country and around the world

Even those that elected to remain at their respective franchise's spring facilities can only engage in informal workouts, if any at all – they still have plenty of free time on their hands too.

So, how are the Yankees' players dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and delay to Opening Day on social media? 

It's no surprise that these ballplayers are yearning for the return of baseball. 

New York's starting shortstop Gleyber Torres – just two days after MLB initially postponed the regular season opener – already couldn't take the wait any longer.

We feel you, Gleyber. We feel you.

Per a statement released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this past week, it's recommended that gatherings with more than 50 people in attendance are canceled for the next eight weeks. Therefore, we all might be checking our watch as we wait for baseball's return for quite some time.

As a distraction, some Yankees' Major Leaguers took to video games. More time on the Bombers' hands means more opportunities to play some games in the Yankees' 'fiercly competitive' Madden NFL League. You know, the National Savages League?

The 12 Yankees involved sped through the end of their season, heading into postseason play. In the championship, the league's commissioner – reliever Tommy Kahnle – fell short to another member of New York's 'pen, right-hander Ben Heller. 

Heller, who played as the Indianapolis Colts, let it be known on Twitter that he had taken down the favorite in the final match.

The Yankees' big leaguers aren't the only ones gaming during this extended offseason. Plenty of Minor League players, who are still in self-quarantine after two players tested positive for COVID-19, are passing the time in their hotel rooms in Tampa by honing their MLB The Show and Call of Duty skills.

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If they're not gaming together, it's only a matter of time until the Yanks start to scroll through the latest updates on their social media timelines. Giancarlo Stanton and Luke Voit both decided to provide their input on two separate tweets.

Stanton posted a video of a young ballplayer – rocking a No. 27 Yankees jersey – launch a no-doubt home run in what appeared to be a home run derby.

In the video, as the kid watches the ball sail over the fence in left-center field, he unleashed a mammoth bat flip – the bat almost touched down at the pitcher's mound.

"I'll be inside, practicing my Batflips now," Stanton wrote.

Delaying the regular season is a blessing in disguise for players like Stanton who otherwise would not have been healthy for Opening Day as originally scheduled. With more time to recover from his Grade 1 right calf strain, it's possible the slugger will be available when the season eventually begins.

Whether or not he uses a bat flip like that on his first home run of the season remains to be seen.

From one slugger to another, Voit also reposted something on Twitter that had plenty of baseball fans talking. 

A trend has been circulating around social media where users reveal their all-time baseball lineups. Voit, responding to his former teammate and now St. Louis Cardinals' ace Jack Flaherty, unveiled his all-time starting nine (with a designated hitter too, of course).

What do you think? Voit went with a few controversial picks – like Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire. And although he included Babe Ruth, he omitted another Yankees great that was recently elected into the Hall of Fame...

Finally, a heartwarming post that'll make you smile.

On Friday, in honor of his eighth wedding anniversary, New York's right-hander Masahiro Tanaka posted a picture of himself and his wife. The caption, in Japanese, reveals March 20 as the couple's anniversary date, with a message thanking his wife for the present and their future togther. 

He really does pull off that plaid suit, doesn't he? 

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