Yankees' Aaron Boone Gets Ejected Arguing Egregious Strike Three Call to Aaron Judge

Max Goodman

NEW YORK — Yankees' manager Aaron Boone was ejected on Friday night in New York's game against the Marlins and boy did he get his money's worth.

Arguing with home plate umpire John Tumpane about a low strike three call to Aaron Judge, Boone was tossed and promptly stormed out of the Yankees' dugout. Before Tumpane knew it, Boone was in his face shouting expletives left and right.

"Reacting to a terrible call and then following it up," Boone said after the Yankees went on to lose 4-3 in extra innings. "Obviously we see Aaron get called a lot on some bad ones down, that was clearly pretty bad."

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With no fans in the stands and hot mics galore, it's possible to pick up some of Boone's choice words.

The pitch that ruffled Boone's feathers was a slider from Miami's right-hander Sandy Alcantara. Allegiances aside, the full-count offering appeared to be below the zone. Some will say it was far below the zone, crossing the plate around Judge's shins. Not in Tumpane's eyes, however, as he emphatically rung up the Yankees' right fielder. 

Judge put some of the blame on his own shoulders.

"I had plenty of opportunities to put the ball in play and do something," he said. "So it’s on me to take control there and put the ball in play and not let it come down to 3-2 on a borderline pitch."

New York's star took a step toward first base as the call was made, thinking he had worked a walk, before raising his bat above his head, attempting to control his displeasure.

It's not the first time Judge has had pitches below the zone called for strikes when he's in the box. Nonetheless, Judge took the high road, acknowledging that the strike zone changes on a daily basis and it's his job to make adjustments.

"I feel like I’ve got a pretty good eye of the zone so you question it a little bit," Judge said. "By the time I get up there for my next at-bat, I’m locked in on my job and what I need to do for that at-bat so I really don’t focus on what might be changing in the zone."

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Here's another look at Boone letting Tumpane hear it. It was his second ejection of this summer's truncated campaign for Boone, his 11th over the last three years as the Yankees' manager.

After the loss, New York's fifth in its last six games, Boone explained that he wasn't trying to send a message to his team by getting ejected. He simply "got a little upset" considering the Bombers were facing a talented pitcher in Alcantara, who went on to pitch a gem on Friday night.

"We’re trying to work back in the game obviously after the three runs in the first and Judge works a walk and doesn’t get the call," Boone explained. "Especially against Alcantara who’s so good down in the zone and really good with the sinker, I just took exemption."

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