Red Sox Fan Sneaks into Fenway Park During Yankees Game, Turns into 'Scary Situation'

Max Goodman

BOSTON — From drone delays to pandemic postponements, the 2020 regular season has had no shortage of unique situations and surprises for the New York Yankees. 

That list of oddities got a little longer on Sunday afternoon when a Red Sox fan snuck into Fenway Park causing a "fan delay" during the eighth inning.

As Yankees' infielder DJ LeMahieu dug in for an 0-2 pitch with two outs, attention suddenly shifted to the camera well adjacent to the Green Monster in left-center field. A fan donning a Red Sox jersey had emerged, climbing up on the railing overlooking the outfield, shouting at the players below. 

When the mystery man threw what appeared to be a hat down onto the field toward left fielder Michael Chavis, home plate umpire Jansen Visconti quickly called for time and security began to take action.

"I don’t know exactly what was being said out there," Yankees' manager Aaron Boone said. "Try not to make too much light of it because it could have been a scary situation. Hopefully everything is handled but yeah it was definitely odd."

At the time, New York was already losing 9-1. The Bombers went on to fall 10-2 to their division rivals, snapping a 12-game winning streak against the Red Sox and a 10-game winning streak this season. 

Despite some smiles from players on both sides, watching the man parade in the camera well in the distance, Yankees' backup catcher Erik Kratz—who went on to pitch the bottom half of the eighth frame—explained that he was worried what would happen next.

"That’s probably the last thing you think that we’re going to have is a fan delay in this season," Kratz said. "For a little bit I thought there was concern for him. It looked like he was going to try to jump down off the cage."

Especially considering COVID-19 protocols, the reason fans haven't been permitted at ballparks across Major League Baseball in the first place, if it wasn't handled quickly, the situation could've certainly escalated into something more dangerous.

The fan stood just feet away from a pair of camera operators for several minutes as security from around the ballpark convened on the scene. At one point, he crouched down and did pushups.

Eventually a police officer had gotten close enough to talk the stranger off the railing. That was moments after he had briefly dangling off the edge of the platform, holding on to prevent what would have been a steep descent to the outfield grass.

Kratz compared the situation to when a drone flew over Yankee Stadium weeks ago, causing a "drone delay" as players were rushed off the field and back into their respective clubhouses as a precaution.

"It’s one of those things that you’re aware because you never know," he said. "You look at it and say 'oh cool, it’s a drone' or you look at it and say you never know what it could be ... when he crawled over the wall there, that’s just not what you’re thinking is going to happen."

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