What are the Implications of a 60-Game Baseball Season?

Max Goodman

We are less than one month away from when the 2020 MLB season is finally set to begin, after a coronavirus-induced delay had postponed Opening Day for several months. With baseball just around the corner, it's time to begin to analyze the implications of a 60-game season. 

To break it down in a quick conversation, Sports Illustrated's Emma Baccellieri and Inside The Pinstripes' Max Goodman spoke with host Robin Lundberg on Tuesday afternoon.

How will teams manage a 60-game campaign, what is MLB's overall goal with the coronavirus looming and for a favorite like the Yankees, what can we expect? Here's the full transcript from the video attached above.

Robin Lundberg: The MLB is set to play a season, a 60-game season that is. So what are the actual implications of that? For more, I'm joined by our Emma Baccellieri and Max Goodman of Inside The Pinstripes. Emma, let's start with you. Could there be a sense of urgency here in a shortened baseball season?

Emma Baccellieri: Yeah, I absolutely think there's a sense of urgency here. I think there's a lot of ways in which this season is going to be really different from a normal one going into how we judge a player's stat line, what we expect from individual teams and really I think the bottom line here is just a finished season and a finished postseason that's just able to go through October is a win for baseball. The coronavirus is still kind of in control here baseball is trying to play in its home stadiums across the country and if they're able to follow this sense of urgency through and finish the season, that's a win in I think everyone's book. 

Robin Lundberg: Now, when you look at wins and losses and the actual records, Max, you have to take a look at the Yankees, one of the favorites. They had a lot of injuries to manage last year. How does a team go about managing this schedule?

Max Goodman: Robin, I think four months ago during Spring Training, long before Summer Camp began, we talked about how many injuries the Yankees were going to have heading into Opening Day – or what was initially going to be scheduled Opening Day. If you told me back then that this roster would be virtually completely healthy – beyond Luis Severino who was going to miss the season regardless of the coronavirus pandemic – this Yankees roster is potent and it's ready to contend this year and be dangerous. I know this season's going to be chaotic and it almost makes me feel like an underdog team is going to have a better shot just because of the unprecedented circumstances, it's hard to bet on the favorites with all that's going on. But beyond Aaron Judge – there's a little bit more uncertainty there and we'll see how he performs this week when everyone reports – this roster is ready to go and they're a favorite no matter what.

Robin Lundberg: We'll see if they do get to finish the season as Emma alluded to. Thank you guys for your time. 

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Can advertisers even get close to making back the money on 60 games...or less?


Will the season really finish? I have my doubts that they play all 60 games before having to shut down the entire season.