Masahiro Tanaka 'Doing Well' After Being Struck By Comebacker From Giancarlo Stanton in Simulated Game

Max Goodman

Yankees' right-hander Masahiro Tanaka was struck by a line drive in a simulated game at Yankee Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

The comebacker, which appeared to hit Tanaka on the side of his head, came off the bat of slugger Giancarlo Stanton. 

Hours after being taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital, Yankees' skipper Aaron Boone revealed Tanaka's CT scan came back negative. The concussion-like symptoms the right-hander was experiencing in the moments after he was hit have since dissipated. 

The Yankees announced Tanaka was released from the hospital Saturday evening.

"I would say right now he's doing well," Boone said. "He'll go into the concussion protocol, but feel like we're getting good news on that front."

After he was hit, Tanaka—who was only three at-bats into his scheduled simulated game—spent several minutes laying on the mound as he was checked out by members of the Yankees training staff.

"That stops you in your tracks and you hope for the best," Boone said. "When I went out to the mound, at least in the immediate, I felt somewhat good about it because he was alert and very aware. But you always worry about the next minutes and hours and whatever so the fact that we're getting good news is a good thing."

Eventually Tanaka was able to sit up and walk slowly to New York's dugout, escorted on both sides. Stanton and his teammates, distraught and shaken by the incident, looked on.

"I think he was somewhat okay and I think a little bit of relief to see [Tanaka] walk off," Boone said on how Stanton felt after the incident. "We were able to let [Stanton] know a little bit later that he was doing well. So, I don't necessarily want to speak for G but he seemed to handle it, you know, as well as could have been expected."

Saturday marked the team's first official workout of Summer Camp at Yankee Stadium after MLB's coronavirus-induced hiatus stretching nearly four months kept New York away from the ballpark. A handful of Yankees have worked out in the Bronx over the last three days, but the workouts were unofficial.

Boone was pleased with how the summer's first workout went from a logistical standpoint and baseball perspective. The skipper reported his squad successfully used different mounds throughout the day, adhered to distancing protocols and worked through different groups.

Tanaka's injury, however, placed a cloud over everything else that transpired for the remainder of the afternoon on the field.

"When Tanaka got hit, obviously that took a little air out of the [stadium], got everyone's attention and put a little fear in everyone. So that dampened things, but I felt from an operation standpoint, we're in pretty good shape."

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