What Goes on During Yankees' 'Very Productive' Weekday Zoom Calls

Max Goodman

During the COVID-19 pandemic, arguably the best form of communication is video conferencing. Whether it's for work or just to bond with friends, chatting on a variety of different video softwares is a great way to keep in touch while practicing social distancing in quarantine. 

For the New York Yankees, one of 30 big-league clubs presently dispersed across the country and unable to meet in person, daily meetings on Zoom have been more than just a source of entertainment. Skipper Aaron Boone recently revealed the calls have been "very productive."

"We're into our third week where we're doing it every weekday," Boone told YES Network's Meredith Marakovits in an exclusive interview last week. "A lot of front office members, myself, the coaching staff, strength and conditioning training staff where we do our player objective meetings to start spring training but typically we don't have a chance to go through those and see where we're at on those where we're tightening screws on anything."

The Yankees' manager divulged that talking during the week on Zoom has been an opportunity to address progress reports and take deep dives into each player and what they need to improve on this season. 

"What it's a chance to do is really get everyone from front office to scouting department, analysts, myself and the coaching staff, strength and conditioning, trainers where we're all going through a particular player's objectives and hitting it from all angles," Boone explained. "'Okay, what's the action plan, what's the game plan?' Are we making progress in a certain area of a player we've addressed. And then getting everyone's instant feedback from a scouting standpoint, from an analytics standpoint, from a strength and conditioning training standpoint. And I feel like that way it's been very productive because we're all hyper focused on that in the moment."

Typically New York is focused on playing games at this point of the spring. Now, these unprecedented times have opened the door for a closer look at player development, a routine that Boone hopes will give the Yankees a leg up when competition eventually resumes.

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It hasn't all been business. Boone went on to reveal that a few weeks ago, there was a Zoom call created for all members of the organization – including players. It wasn't mandatory, but he described 40 to 50 people on the call, getting together as though they were back in the clubhouse.

"It was a little bit of a State of the Union I guess from my standpoint but it was more a chance for guys to get on and just talk smack to one another, see how everyone is doing, see everyone which was cool for everyone," Boone recalled. "I know they have their different FaceTimes and video game things that they do together but it was good to get on and see those guys."

Boone even singled out right-hander Tommy Kahnle, explaining the call was a chance for the reliever to "be silly." The Bombers' MLB the Show Players League representative is known for his exuberant personality – who can forget his shenanigans and "unintelligble Tommy noises" from this Spring Training edit:

Monday marks the start of the seventh week without baseball since MLB announced it had postponed Opening Day on March 12. The eight-week delay is up next weekend, so Boone, Kahnle and the rest of the Yankees' organization may have something new to talk about on their Zoom calls in the near future.

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