Yankees' Aaron Hicks is Taking Swings Again

Max Goodman

We already knew Aaron Hicks was back to throwing for the first time since Tommy John surgery last fall. That's old news. 

Since then, he's taken another step closer to his return. We've got proof of the switch-hitting outfielder taking some hacks in his batting cage.

A video circulated on Instagram this week of Hicks getting his work in from Arizona where he's been situated since Spring Training was suspended in early-March.

Take a look at Hicks swinging from the left side of the plate before working out on the treadmill and in the gym.

The most recent update on Hicks' status came last week when Yankees' general manager Brian Cashman addressed the health of his center fielder.

“I think him playing center field for the New York Yankees this summer is a legit option, as expected,” Cashman said on a virtual charity call. “His timeframe is currently going as planned. We're excited to get him back, because I think he's one of the better center fielders in the game, both offensively and defensively.”

In the final days of March, Hicks began his throwing program. He underwent Tommy John surgery on his right elbow just a few days after New York was eliminated from the postseason last fall.

The initial timetable regarding Hicks' return – dating back to when he first went under the knife – was set to be similar to that of Didi Gregorius. The former Yankees' shortstop had the same surgery done shortly after the Bombers were eliminated from the playoffs in 2018. He went on to make his debut the following summer on June 7.

Therefore, Hicks is on pace to be game ready as soon as next month. With Opening Day slated for the first few days of July in MLB's latest proposal, the center fielder could end up missing no time at all after his surgery.

Either way, it's certain that the 30-year-old is in good shape and officially back in the swing of things. 

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