Yankees' General Manager Brian Cashman Delivers Coffee, Donuts to Staff at Local Tampa Hospitals

Max Goodman

Although the majority of the Yankees family has left its Spring Training hub in Tampa, Fla., the organization is still dedicated to giving back to the local community during these unprecedented times.

This weekend, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman visited several hospitals in the area, delivering coffee and donuts to nurses, doctors and hospital staff who are working hard to control the spread of the novel coronavirus.

"While the rest of the community is shut down in lockdown, this is overtime central," Cashman said in a video posted on the Yankees' Twitter page on Monday afternoon. "We, amongst everybody, want to swing through and drop off some coffee and donuts to try and recognize all the hard work that's nonstop here as you're trying to take care of all of us."

Cashman stopped at Tampa General Hospital, as well as St. Joseph's Hospital, to personally extend gratitude on behalf of the Yankees organization to the countless "dedicated professionals" fighting the spread of the virus.. 

The GM recognized that these men and women have been in the midst of one of the most demanding weeks of their entire medical careers. 

"Enjoy the coffee and donuts when you have a moment because there's very few moments for you right now because you're getting slammed, we understand that," he explained. "Appreciate everything you guys are doing and stay safe."

The donuts and coffee was received by the staff members inside the hospitals – groups of doctors and nurses sent in photos enjoying a "brief reprieve" during the COVID-19 pandemic. The smiles on their faces – with coffee cups and treats in hand – say it all.

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The Yankees also acknowledged the club's partners in the team's home state who are "working around the clock to fight for the citizens of New York."

Cashman joins a group of Yankees players who have been vocal on social media in thanking healthcare workers and encouraging habits that will prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Yankees' backstop Gary Sánchez posted a heartfelt message to his Twitter page on Sunday, asking everyone to take a moment to be grateful for to the "heroes" working to "control and cure" COVID-19.

Last week, a group of a dozen Bronx Bombers appeared in a video on Yankees' social channels advising fans to stay safe during the delay to the MLB season. Similarly, skipper Aaron Boone spoke to fans directly in another post, encouraging fans to "stay strong together" during these trying times and be patient until the season begins. 

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