Yankees, NYCFC Announce $1.4 Million Distress Fund For Yankee Stadium Day-Of-Game Employees

Max Goodman

On what would have been Opening Day at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees and New York City Football Club (NYCFC) have announced a distress fund designed to provide assistance to day-of-game employees.

The New York Yankees COVID-19 Disaster Relief Program, effective Thursday, is a needs-based grant initiative created for eligible full-time and part-time gameday staff impacted directly by the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

For those that are now out of work, with no games on the schedule for the next several months, these grants will be given to those in need of assistance with essential expenses such as food, medical care, shelter and more.

The program will work directly with eligible employees of 'River Operating Company,' 'Legends Hospitality LLC' and New York City Football Club LLC. 

In a post announcing the initiative on social media, the Yankees acknowledged that even these generous measures can't completely cover all needs for those impacted by this pandemic during these unprecedented times. 

The process of notifying eligible stadium workers about this relief program has already begun on Thursday. An application will be available online on Thursday afternoon.

While eligibility does not guarantee assistance will be paid, the Yankees confirmed that each and every online application will be considered and that those selected will be notified via email as soon as possible.

For more information about the New York Yankees COVID-19 Disaster Relief Program, check out a thread posted to the Yankees' Twitter account designed to answer all related inquiries.

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