Yankees' DJ LeMahieu Practices Hockey Skills With Dog in Quarantine

Max Goodman

From the diamond ... to the ice? 

DJ LeMahieu posted a video to his Instagram story on Tuesday playing hockey in his living room during quarantine.

With a small net set up on the wall, LeMahieu – sliding around in socks and sweats – slapped a few shots, maneuvering around his dog who was playing tight defense. After two perfectly placed goals, the All-Star second baseman walked in for the rebound, scoring a third time. 

LeMahieu is known for his meticulous nature with baseball and his training routine. With Opening Day postponed, and no clear timetable for when games will return, the All-Star second baseman has been yearning for normalcy since Spring Training was suspended just under one month ago. 

As his teammates began to depart from the Bombers' complex in Tampa, LeMahieu told reporters that continuing to practice has been able to keep him "sane." 

Not only was his quick 10-second clip a good way to take his mind off the novel coronavirus pandemic and subsequent MLB delay, but the National Hockey League took notice of his skills as well.

Posting the same clip to Twitter, the NHL joked that LeMahieu might want to pursue a career scoring goals rather than "going yard."

LeMahieu is coming off one of the best seasons of his career and his first campaign in pinstripes. He finished fourth in the American League Most Valuable Player Award voting in 2019 with a .327 batting average and career highs in both home runs (26) and runs batted in (102).

In the doomsday scenario where there is no baseball played this year, LeMahieu will be directly impacted by last week's agreement reached between MLB and the MLBPA. The nine-year veteran has just one year left on his existing two-year deal with the Bombers. 

Granted full service time, LeMahieu would be eligible for free agency this November regardless of whether or not the Yankees take the field this season. That is, unless New York and LeMahieu reach an agreement of their own on an extension. 

In mid-February, LeMahieu mentioned the two parties had yet to talk about an extension. He did confirm, however, that he would love to stay with the team moving forward. 

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