Actor, 'Lunatic Yankees Fan' Nick Turturro Spending Quarantine Watching Classic Yankees Games

Max Goodman

When it comes to super fans in New York City, in all likelihood Spike Lee is the first to come to mind. 

Actor Nick Turturro, however, believes his Yankees fandom is right up there with the iconic film maker that Knicks fans have grown accustomed to seeing courtside at Madison Square Garden. 

Turturro – known for his roles in The Longest Yard and NYPD Blue – virtually sat down with Sports Illustrated's Bill Enright in a Skype interview this weekend. In the midst of their conversation, the diehard Yankees fan said his loyalty and support of those in pinstripes is unmatched around these parts.

“I don’t think many people can top me as a Yankees fan," Turturro told Enright, proudly. "There’s a few out there that can hang with me, but I don’t think many people can top me … I’m a lunatic Yankees fan.”

Like the rest of the baseball world, Turturro has been desperate to get his fix in the midst of this coronavirus-induced pandemic and subsequent postponement of the regular season.

He told Enright that he's recently been catching up on Yankees' classic games. He was re-watching Game 7 of the 2001 World Series between New York and the Arizona Diamondbacks, a game he was in attendance for, during the interview.

Years later, from his sofa, the Queens native still cheers for the Bombers and breaks down each big play as though the games were to be happening live. 

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"It's funny it's supposed to be baseball season right now," he said, donning a pinstriped jacket. "I'm a diehard, I've been looking forward to it for a long time so now it's like I'm catching up on a lot of old great games."

As for the 2020 version of his favorite team, Turturro explained that although the Bombers were projected to have a great year, other circumstances make him hesitant to predict this seasons end result.

"We had all kinds of injuries," the actor recalled, pointing out DJ LeMahieu, Mike Ford and Mike Tauchman as those who helped New York make it as far they did.. "Judge is injured again, Stanton is still hurt again and then Paxton is out and Severino is gone. To tell you the truth, I don't know. I really don't know."

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Still bitter about New York's loss in the American League Championship Series to the Astros last fall, Turturro was beyond excited for this new season to get underway. His baseball obsession even sparked the creation of a new podcast, "Breaking Bread with Nick Turturro.”

Now, with no start date set in wake of MLB's decision to suspend all baseball for the next several months, he's doing his best to stay positive and keep the sport he loves so dearly a part of his daily life. 

"This is what I love about right now ... baseball is still happening for me, I'm watching old games, I'm thinking about old games, analyzing it," Turturro explained. "I miss the season right now, I'm optimistic that maybe we can get this thing going maybe by June so we can have something of a season."

To watch the full interview with Turturro and's Enright, click here.

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