Gary Sánchez Extends Heartfelt Message to 'Heroes' Helping Those Infected With COVID-19

Max Goodman

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 continues to rise in New York state, and around the world, Yankees catcher Gary Sánchez posted a heartfelt message to Twitter on Sunday. 

The 27-year-old encouraged his social media followers to take as much time as possible to thank those that are working hard to "control and cure" the virus. 

"When and however possible, we should all take the time to thank the health workers who are helping those infected with COVID-19 and trying to control and cure the virus so that we can all go back to our normal lives. They are true heroes that deserve all our gratitude." – Gary Sanchez

An identical message was also posted on Sánchez's Twitter page in Spanish. 

Sánchez joins a group of Yankees to have addressed these unprecedented circumstances, advising the Yankees' humongous fanbase to stay safe and stay strong during the national emergency created by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Late last week, New York posted a video on Twitter including a dozen different players talking directly to fans. 

"Obviously a special shoutout to our healthcare workers who are working so hard." outfielder Mike Tauchman said, similar to Sánchez's sentiment. 

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New York's skipper Aaron Boone was featured in another video on the Yankees' team social channels last week. The manager explained that if everyone does their part to restrict the spread of the virus, games will return sooner than later.

The heroes that Sánchez spoke about in his post are, in a way, representing the Yankees as they work. 

In a new initiative launched by Fanatics and Major League Baseball, material used for big-league jerseys (specifically Yankees uniforms) are being used to make protective gear for healthcare workers and emergency personnel.

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Fanatics and MLB agreed to halt all jersey production and utilize the company's massive factory to produce and donate one million masks and gowns. They'll be distributed in hospitals across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

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