Report: Yankees to Face Mets on 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Max Goodman

We've had less than one full day to marvel at the Yankees' 60-game schedule for this summer. After this news, however, fans are already starting to look ahead to next fall for what should be an emotional and unforgettable evening.

The Yankees are scheduled to play the Mets at Citi Field on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist acts on the World Trade Center. Newsday's Tim Healey was first to report the news.

When asked about the contest, set to be played on Sept. 11, 2021, the first word uttered by skipper Aaron Boone was "wow."

"I can't imagine how emotional and how powerful of an event that would be," Boone said.

Boone prefaced that Major League Baseball has a lot on its plate at the moment – as the league counts down the commencement of a truncated campaign amid a global pandemic – so it's "hard" to focus on a single game that's over a year away.

That said, he was blown away just thinking about what this game means for the city of New York. Factor in the fact that 2020 is shaping up to be a long, challenging year for the sport, commemorating the events of 9/11 with a Subway Series game two decades later should be even more magical.

"I would imagine, especially after all that we have gone through this year – maybe adding another layer of just how potentially powerful and emotional of a game and a day and an event that might be – it's something that hopefully, we're all a part of and it'll get the magic that it deserves," the skipper said.

Boone was on the Cincinnati Reds in 2001, explaining what it was like to take the field and play in big-league games after what transpired at the World Trade Center that fall.

"Just remembering back to how impactful it was for us," he spelled out. "You know, when it occurred we happened to be in Chicago and then just coming back at the end of the season and playing those games and kind of watching the Mets from afar, the Mike Piazza versus the Braves game, that just was so emotional."

MLB has yet to release its schedule for 2021, but the two teams playing this late in the season would be unique. 

During a traditional regular season schedule, the Yankees and Mets tend to play against each other in the summer. Last year, New York's crosstown foes faced off in early-June and mid-July (before making up a game in August due to rain).

Before flipping the calendar that far ahead, baseball fans in the Big Apple have several opportunities to see this city's franchises duke it out. The Yankees announced Tuesday that it would be playing in two exhibition games against the Mets ahead of Opening Day. 

The Bombers are scheduled to make an appearance in Flushing on the evening of July 18, before a rematch the following night in the Bronx. 

"We're excited," Boone said on behalf of his ball club Tuesday afternoon. "To be able to have it here in our home city, it's something that certainly we'll look forward to and hopefully, you know, for us, it'll be something that gives us a really good tune up heading into the regular season."

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Following the Yankees' opener on July 23, New York will play the Mets six times during its shortened 60-game campaign. The two clubs will square off in three-game series over the final two weekends of August. 

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