The Best Nickname in Yankees' Franchise History Is ...

Max Goodman

Joltin' Joe. The Chairman of the Board. The Mick. A-Rod. Godzilla.

Over more than a century of team history, plenty of players with legendary nicknames have donned pinstripes. But which one is the best of all time?

YES Network hosted a bracket-style tournament on Twitter – starting last Thursday – where fan votes determined which Yankees nickname advanced to the next round. The "Yankees Player Nickname Tournament" began with 32 teams, dwindling down to the last name standing seven days later.

Think you can guess which player nickname was voted the greatest of all time? Here's a hint: none of the five iconic nicknames listed at the top of this story made it to the third round...

Before revealing the final results, check out where your favorites stacked up on the bracket prior to the conception of the first round.

Plenty of options, right? Here's how it all went down.

Fans voted each day on Twitter as the field slowly went from 32 down to one. There were upsets, landslide victories and powerhouse matchups! Head over to YES Network's Twitter page and scroll back through the last few days if you want to see which matchups were closer than others. 

In the end – after Mr. October and Iron Horse were eliminated in the Final Four, the last two nicknames faced off.

It was a tight contest between the two members of the Core Fore, but eventually Mariano Rivera pulled away to stand alone. Sandman registered 66 percent of the final tally, outlasting Derek Jeter's Mr. November.

Just the process of creating the bracket must have been a challenge as beyond the 32 listed options, there were far more that didn't make the cut. Plus, players like Jeter and Rivera had several nicknames – more than just the two that made it to the final round.

Who knows how The Captain or simply Mo would have fared.

YES Network isn't alone in creating bracket-style tournaments on social media to pass the time during this season's postponement. The Yankees are in the midst of 'The Bronx Bracket,' another fan vote experience (on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) designed to choose the greatest moment in Yankees franchise history. 

With the latest news regarding this season's delay – and when it will begin in wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic – it's too early to tell just how much longer fans will have to wait before they can watch their Bronx Bombers take the field.

Until then, fans, teams and publications alike are keeping baseball a part of your daily routine.

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