These Yankees Players Have Grown Beards During MLB's Hiatus

Max Goodman

Nothing says Major League Baseball like clean-shaven ballplayers in pinstripes.

With the coronavirus-induced hiatus postponing Opening Day, however, there are no games to be played for the foreseeable future. Therefore, Yankees players aren't obligated to control the growth of their facial hair.

In a video released by the team on Wednesday, 12 different Yankees addressed the delay to the regular season, advising fans to stay home and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Of the dozen players featured – and as originally pointed out by SI's Extra Mustard – nine are sporting a noticeable amount of facial hair.

New York is known, of course, for policing its players from growing out beards during the season. 

For instance, after inking his record contract to sign with New York, Gerrit Cole was forced to part ways with his beard. In his introductory press conference, donning pinstripes for the first time, Cole recalled experiencing razor burn for the first time in a decade.

As soon as they're not obligated to shave, however, players will take the opportunity to show off their ability to let the facial hair flow. 

Just look at some of the players who have left the Yankees in recent years via trade or free agency and how their first appearances with new teams includes a new look.

"Look at the big, bushy one new Tiger Austin Romine has. Ronald Torreyes has a goatee. Tyler Clippard grew out an ugly chin patch. Michael Pineda started keeping a well-trimmed chinstrap beard. Andrew Miller let his hair and beard go crazy. The list goes on and on." Dan Gartland, SI Extra Mustard

At the conclusion of the Bombers' heartfelt message to fans, outfielder Clint Frazier – also known as Red Thunder – acknowledged the red elephant in the room.

"Side not, I'll take care of the beard before the season comes back," he said, beaming and running his fingers through the beginnings of a red beard. 

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With Opening Day delayed at least another few months – after MLB postponed the season in accordance with the CDCs recommendations last week – who knows how big these beards will become.

Yankees growing out beards in April and May... Unprecedented circumstances all around.

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