August 02, 2013
Jose Aldo (right) fights in his home country Saturday night and is favored to win.
Felipe Dana/AP

With his first bout of the tournament coming up, the cameras showed Riggs cutting weight. A lot of weight. It was slow going, with about 30 pounds to be sweated off. And one night there was a scene in the house that can only be described as cruel reality, but way more subtle than the throw-a-beer-bottle-at-him type of interaction we'd expect in the TUF house. Riggs was at the dinner table, slowly consuming a few leaves of lettuce and a piece of fish the size of a silver dollar. Across the room, there was a shot of his opponent, Nick Scallan, scarfing down a big plate of crawfish. (The show is set in New Orleans.) Next, Scallan was seen digging a spoon into a big container of ice cream. As Scallan enjoyed his dessert, Riggs just stared. He didn't throw anything.

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