By Nicki Jhabvala
June 11, 2008
5 Trump and His Toupee
"The Donald's" hair/wig is growing and it's starting to consume his face. Make the madness stop.
4 Another Hair Fiasco
Apparently, Rampage's fighting career started with Hot Wheels. But more importantly, I think he showed up to Jimmy Kimmel wearing Toppik. You know, that spray-on hair. Just doesn't look natural up there.
3 Kimbo or Po
Let's see: You could have paid $25 (probably much more) to see Kimbo's lackluster EliteXC performance, or you could have dished out a measly 10 bucks (or less) to watch Po kick ass.
2 Court Brawls
Check out the technique! Who knew NBA players were so versatile?
1 TKO via Stapler
Nancy had hot coffee and a lawsuit to throw at Jim and ... she still lost. What a shame.

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