Derrick Lewis Gives a Post-Fight Interview for the Ages

Derrick Lewis didn't hold back in the Octagon or in the post-fight interview. 
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After an insane buzzer-beating, come-from-behind TKO over Alexander Volkov, Derrick Lewis gave a post-fight interview for the ages.

Lewis knocked out Volkov with seconds remaining in the final round of the heavyweight bout. While Lewis appeared slow after taking a punch to the eye early in the fight, he survived through the final round. In the final minute, he brought Volkov down with a heavy haymaker, before launching a ground-and-pound assault to finish things off.

Following the bout, Lewis took his shorts off because this is naturally what you do.

And when asked why by Joe Rogan, Lewis gave the straghtforward response, "My balls was hot."

Lewis also said he talked to President Donald Trump about the Russian Volkov.

"A couple of hours before the fight, Trump called me and told me to knock this [expletive] out and make him look bad," Lewis said.