UFC 249 DFS Viewer's Guide

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UFC 249 gives fantasy sports lovers a chance to play some DFS this weekend. Casey Olson joins Corey Parson to break down what sites you can play on and how to set up your roster. UFC 249 airs on Saturday, May 9th. 

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Corey Parson: Hey, what's up its Corey Parson the fantasy executive. UFC 249 is this weekend in Jacksonville. Joining me now to break down the card is Casey Olson, our UFC insider. Casey, what's going on? What do fantasy players have this weekend for MMA? Like, where can we play? What's going on with that with these cards? 

Casey Olson: You know, Corey, it's about time. We've been playing these simulated NBA games, this Korean baseball, e-sports, you name it. But UFC 249 is here finally this Saturday. You know, we got the tune of like 3 million plus dollars on the line across, you know, DraftKings, Fanduel is in the mix. And now we've got a new guy in Super Draft, but leading the way is DraftKings. They got a million dollar prize pool with 200K going to first place this weekend in their big tournament. FanDuel has a 300K with one hundred thousand to first, and Super Draft, they kind of mix it up and they have different ways to roster your guys. You can roster anyone, don't have to worry about salary caps and just look at multipliers where you can make make the most points to get that winning lineup. 

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Corey Parson: So Casey, who are some of the guys that we should put on our roster so we can bring home some of that big prize money that's out there. 

Casey Olson: You know, this card is pretty nice for that because there's a couple of things you always want to look at in these cards. You got to look at the five round fights. That's more time to score those points. And then I love the heavyweights. You know, finish rate for the UFC is like around 54% for all fights. But if you look at the heavyweights, you know, they push 70-74% of their fights ending inside the distance. And that scores those bonus points for these games. So, you know, having three fights with the big dogs and those two five round fights, I would definitely look at rostering some of those players if you get a chance. You know, I don't hate the dogs in both title fights, and my favorite is Francis Ngannou. I think he's ready. Man, that guy's been training for 17 plus weeks right now going into this fight, and I think he's gonna put on a show for us. 

 UFC 249 airs on Saturday, May 9th.