September 13, 2016

No one realized it when last season kicked off, but 2015 was a transitional year for the Seahawks. They were slowed early by the Kam Chancellor holdout, but they also had a reshuffled offensive line that didn’t figure things out until late in the year. Jimmy Graham proved to be a puzzle piece that didn’t fit, and it took the offense half a season to transition to the post-BeastMode era. This fall, they enter the year with the defense in tact (even if Michael Bennett isn’t thrilled about his contract situation), and the offense clearly belongs to Russell Wilson, leading a spread, timing-based passing attack that was unstoppable at times late last year. In other words, even after settling for a Wild-Card spot and eventually being swept by the defending NFC champion Panthers, Carroll has everything he needs to re-establish the Seahawks as the NFL’s best team.

Gary Gramling

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