By Emily Kaplan
September 04, 2015

1. I think that while many, including the NFLPA, were quick to point out Roger Goodell’s losing streak in court, you could also view the trend like this: In the three years before Deflategate, one federal judge, one former federal judge and one former NFL commissioner all overturned Goodell-imposed discipline, and Goodell still kept his job.

2. I think that leads me to wonder how many blunders it will take for NFL owners to rescind their unwavering support for the commissioner. As much as Goodell has demonstrated disregard for justice and consistency and has ignited public relations firestorms, it appears the only way owners are going to act is if they lose something tangible (i.e., money).

• A STUNNING SMACKDOWN FOR GOODELL AND THE LEAGUE:  Andrew Brandt writes that Judge Richard Berman’s reversal of the Tom Brady suspension is nothing less than a scathing rebuke of Roger Goodell and the NFL. What does it mean for this commissioner’s power and the fundamental relationship between the league and its players?

3. I think there is a climate—one that has existed for decades—in which female journalists are suspected of sleeping their way to the top. So it was especially uncomfortable to see Jessica McCloughan, wife of Washington general manager Scot McCloughan, tweet that ESPN reporter Dianna Russini engaged in inappropriate behavior with members of the team’s front office to land this week’s RG3 scoops.

4. I also think the incident shows a double standard. Russini broke a number of stories about Washington’s plans for quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins. The newsiest was an Aug. 30 piece, on which she shared a byline with Adam Schefter. I admire both as journalists, and with all due respect to Schefter nobody is accusing him of crossing boundaries to get the story.

• NO MORE HOPE:  In a span of 32 months, Robert Griffin III went from rookie of the year to the bench. As Washington mulls severing ties with RG3, Peter King looks back at where it all went wrong and which team he could play for next.

5. I think Rolling Stone’s cover story on Dez Bryant is filled with juicy nuggets explaining the wide receiver’s knotted upbringing and incredible ascent. My biggest takeaway: the tangled relationship between Bryant and a Dallas businessman, David Wells. According to Bryant, Wells exploited the wide receiver for hundreds of thousands of dollars since he was a teenager. And yet, Bryant says that in 2012 the Cowboys insisted he sign a contract that legally tied him to Wells, and that Wells has been paid by the team to serve in a dubious consulting role. Huh. I think the Cowboys have some explaining to do.

Rookie Ty Montgomery could open the year as Green Bay's No. 3 receiver. (Matt Ludtke/AP)

6. I think there has been a lot of talk about Davante Adams as a breakout candidate in Jordy Nelson’s absence, but I’m most excited about another young Packers wide receiver: Ty Montgomery. We should see the rookie in a variety of roles, as a receiver, running on end-arounds and returning kicks.

7. I think I always hear people use the word “humble” to describe Marc Trestman, and I understand why: After spending the last seven seasons as a head coach (of the Montreal Alouettes and Chicago Bears), Trestman is now the Ravens’ offensive coordinator. Instead of implementing his own system, Trestman kept the same playbook and terminology that Gary Kubiak brought to Baltimore last season. That’s huge for a team cycling through its fourth offensive coordinator in as many years. As Trestman said in January, “Why would I have 40-some guys learn a new offense when I'm just one person?”

8. I think I’m wishing that Brandon Bostick—he of botched-onside-kick infamy—finds a good football home. Bostick was cut by the Vikings this week (after being cut by the Packers in the offseason), a team I initially thought was a nice fit for the 26-year-old reserve tight end. He’s remained upbeat throughout the process, and I hope he finds fulfillment.

• ‘I JUMPED UP, REACHED FOR THE BALL… AND MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVER’:  After bobbling the pivotal on-side kick in the NFC title game, Brandon Bostick wrote a first-person, Brandon Bostick wrote a first-person piece on for The MMQB on how his life changed.

9. I think the case of Justin Blackmon is fascinating. The Jaguars seem to have all intentions of cutting ties with the No. 5 pick of the 2012 draft; they feel they have done all they can to help the troubled wide receiver, who is currently serving a substance-abuse suspension. But, as Alex Marvez of Fox reports, Jacksonville is not inclined to release Blackmon to the CFL, as they try to recoup at least part of his $7.1 million signing bonus. Could be messy.

10. I think the inevitable 30 for 30 on the 2012 draft is going to be amazing. Just a refresher: (1) Andrew Luck, (2) Robert Griffin III, (3) Trent Richardson, (4) Matt Kalil, (5) Justin Blackmon… (75) Russell Wilson.

Eagle (-2)
Birdie (-1)
Bogey (+1)
Double Bogey (+2)