As The MMQB crossed the country on our #SB50RoadTrip, we asked people along the way to predict Super Bowl 50. Here’s how the big game will play out, according to waitresses, state troopers, hotel desk clerks, college football players and a few Pro Football Hall of Famers

By Kalyn Kahler
February 04, 2016
The MMQB is on the road to Super Bowl 50, telling stories of the game’s history and the Panthers-Broncos matchup, meeting notable Super Bowl figures and exploring what the game means to America, from coast to coast. Follow the journey on Twitter and Instagram (#SB50RoadTrip), as well as at The MMQB’s Facebook page, and check out our stories and video on our Road to Super Bowl 50 hub. And if you see us on the road, give a wave.

Richard, Spring Hill Suites employee
Pick: Carolina
“But you can’t count the Broncos out, because 10 years ago in this city a great player said he was retiring, and he ended the season with a ring. That player was Jerome Bettis.”

Kelly, Primanti’s server
Pick: Denver
“I really like Peyton Manning.”

Franco Harris, Super Bowl IX MVP, Hall of Famer
Pick: Undecided
“I’m not a Broncos fan, but I’m a huge Peyton Manning fan, always have been. It would be great to see him go out with a Super Bowl win. But Carolina with their young players, they are a pretty good team. Denver is getting them at the wrong time, because the Panthers are peaking right now. I’m swaying back and forth on my decision. This Panthers team makes me think of us in the early ’70s. They aren’t intimidated at all. Our first time we went to the Super Bowl, we were like, No problem. We knew Minnesota had been there before, but we weren’t scared.”

Hy-Vee assistant manager Stephanie picked to Denver to win.
Dominic Bonvissuto

Stephanie, Hy-Vee supermarket assistant manager
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Pick: Denver

Ickey Woods, Former Bengals RB
Pick: Carolina
“I’m an AFC man by heart, but I just think the Panthers have a complete team. There is really no flaw in that team. They’ve got defense, special teams, offense is playing lights out, but they are going against the No. 1 defense in the Broncos, so we’ll see what happens. I’d like to see Peyton Manning go out on top and win the Super Bowl because I think this probably is his last year. But the Panthers might have something to say about that! It just seems like they are destined to win this year and nobody is going to stop them."

Eli Six, Second grader
Fishers, Ind.
Pick: Carolina
“But I'd rather have the Broncos win.”

Angie Six, Colts fan/Mom/Blogger
Fishers, Ind.
Pick: Carolina
“Carolina is so good. I'm not counting out the Broncos though.”

Jarrett Payton, CLTV Sports Feed host/Walter Payton’s son
Pick: Carolina
“Their offense is so difficult to figure out. At one point in one play you might have to stop three different running backs, and the dude holding on to the football [i.e., Cam Newton] is the best running back of all of them. And he's basically a linebacker!”

Officer Chris, Iowa State patrol
Manchester, Iowa
Pick: Carolina
“Because they are good.”

Zech, Hy-Vee clerk
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Pick: Denver

Tyron Gray, freshman safety, Lincoln University
Jefferson City, Mo.
The pick: Carolina.
“Cam Newton is at his prime and Peyton Manning is not the same anymore. Broncos don't have the old talent that they had back in the day. I feel like it's going to be a disaster for them, and Cam Newton is on a rampage.”


Mike Jones, head coach, Lincoln University football/Super Bowl XXXIV champ
Jefferson City, Mo.
The pick: Carolina

Former Cowboys great Chuck Howley talked Super Bowl predictions and showed off his Super Bowl XI ring.
John DePetro/The MMQB

Chuck Howley, Super Bowl VI MVP
The pick: Undecided.
“I like Peyton Manning, he’s a heck of a nice guy. But I won't pick a team.”

Forrest Gregg, Hall of Famer
Colorado Springs, Colo.
The pick: Carolina
“I like Peyton Manning, and the defense that Denver has. Don't sell them short. In this ball game it comes down who will handle the pressure of the game best. In my heart of hearts I think Carolina will win, but I hope Denver does.”

Roxie, front desk supervisor, The Hotel Denver
Glenwood Springs, Colo.
Pick: Denver
"I think it is going to be gut-wrenching and come down to the last minute. I think the defense is what is going to win it for us. Even if something happens to Manning, we have Brock Osweiler.”

Pat, antiques store owner
Helper, Utah
Pick: Denver
"I've got to pick them because I live in the West."

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