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By Gary Gramling
April 15, 2016

Since the beginning of time, Man has yearned to find the answer to one question and one question only: Carson Wentz or Jared Goff?

Perhaps you heard: The No. 1 overall pick of the NFL draft has actually, honest-to-God, been traded. The Los Angeles Rams are on the clock. And as much as I would thoroughly enjoy it if they trolled the football world by selecting another defensive lineman, they will be taking a quarterback. Which leads us to the Wentz vs. Goff debate.

The MMQB Podcast’s very own Andy Benoit has not only become thoroughly familiar with both quarterbacks through film study, but he has spent significant time with both quarterbacks (you can read his piece with Goff here, the Wentz piece will be up later this draft season).

Andy and I combine forces to make the Rams’ selection for them. Then, stick around as we pick the rest of the top 10 in Part I of our three-part… Podmock?... Mockcast?... Series, including…

• Do the Browns take a quarterback or do something crazy? (Probably a quarterback, but…)

• Why the Chargers must be giddy to have their choice of the non-QBs

• If Wentz or Goff were to fall to Dallas, should the Cowboys take a QB?

• New homes for Laremy Tunsil, DeForest Bucker and Myles Jack

• Andy and I find a home in the top 10 for one of our favorites: Kevin Dodd

• Oh, we also talk some opening night, and why the NFL opted for the Super Bowl rematch to open up the season. I try to make Andy project a winner for that game, but he refuses

Plus, my get-rich-quick scheme involving Jared Goff, Jimmy Garoppolo, auto-tune technology and the next great boy band.

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