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By Gary Gramling
May 01, 2016

It’s time to exhale… almost

We’ve reached the end of an exhausting draft season, culminating with a draft that was downright silly. But before we can truly move on, Andy Benoit and I have to spend nearly two hours breaking down draft weekend for all 32 teams. And you have to listen to it.

Before you dive in, a request: We have quite a few episodes to record before training camps open up. We’ll discuss things we’re interested in, but we’d also love (well, at least like) to hear what’s on your mind. So tweet at me and/or Andy, or leave a note in the comments. It can be a topic, a question, a comment or you’re very own scorching hot take, which we will do our best not to ridicule.

And since you’re going to do something for us, I’ll do something for you: give you the specific times for the discussions of all 32 teams…


Arizona: 1:37:00

Atlanta: 1:28:29

Baltimore: 49:11

Buffalo: 48:10

Carolina: 1:26:04

Chicago: 1:23:47

Cincinnati: 51:12

Cleveland: 36:11

Dallas: 2:53

Denver: 1:02:14

Detroit: 1:22:41

Green Bay: 1:21:30

Houston: 53:08

Indianapolis: 54:35

Jacksonville: 55:38

Kansas City: 1:02:47

Los Angeles: 1:41:56

Miami: 46:52

Minnesota: 1:16:42

New England: 45:33

New Orleans: 1:30:18

N.Y. Giants: 26:20

N.Y. Jets: 43:23

Oakland: 1:04:20

Philadelphia: 1:14:21

Pittsburgh: 13:33

San Diego: 1:07:39

San Francisco: 1:39:44

Seattle: 1:38:35

Tampa Bay: 1:33:46

Tennessee: 58:51

Washington: 1:11:06

Though if you skip ahead you’ll miss the best of our buffoonery, like the pros and cons of the green room, why I say teams shouldn’t be allowed to alert prospects right before they pick them, Andy berating me for suggesting the Titans use some read-option, me berating Andy for not getting on board with the Raiders’ second-day picks, and Andy gossiping about the players universally disliked around the league.

This was probably the last of our marathon podcasts, but we’re not going dark this offseason.

Follow us on SoundCloud, subscribe on iTunes (and please leave a review… as long as you have something nice to say, my tender insides can’t take it otherwise) or Stitcher, or just find us on this site every week. And as I mentioned above, if you have any specific nonsense you’d like us to discuss in an upcoming podcast, or if you just want to tell us how much you love or despise us, hit me and/or Andy up on Twitter.

As always, thanks for listening. And no matter what anyone says: You are the best.

Question or comment? Email us at talkback@themmqb.com.

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