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You’re in luck, NFL fanatics. Peter King has a new podcast. And The MMQB has a whole series to go along with it

By Peter King
September 07, 2016

When DGital Media approached me about doing a podcast series, what was so attractive to me was to have the ability to sit down for real conversations with the biggest names in football—John Elway, Michael Bennett, Philip Rivers, Bruce Arians, to begin with—and not just three-minute soundbite-type interviews.

If you liked the old MMQB Podcast, the one Andy Benoit and Gary Gramling have been doing, they’ll still have their show. It will be The MMQB Podcast: 10 Things, available first thing Monday morning throughout the season. And Albert Breer is launching a show as well, which will include a little bit of everything, starting on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

So please, enjoy my first episodes, and if you like what you hear subscribe on iTunes.

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