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A revealing conversation with the architect of the defending Super Bowl champions about how he went from car dealer to Super Bowl GM, what his father saw in a young Drew Brees, negotiating with Von Miller and Peyton Manning’s future

By Peter King
September 08, 2016

You might have heard: The NFL season is upon us. And on Thursday night, the Denver Broncos open up their Super Bowl title defense. In this episode of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, I sat down for a discussion with John Elway for a discussion about his journey from NFL legend, to car dealer, to architect of a champion. Plus, the conversation turns to the Von Miller negotiations, Peyton Manning's paycut, and how Trevor Siemian became his starting QB.

And later in the show, Philip Rivers makes his plea to keep the Chargers in San Diego.

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3:35: Elway on being one of three people who are in the hall of fame as a player for their sport and then built a championship team for their sport.

5:40: Elway on owning car dealerships and selling them.

7:00: Elway on seeing the front office side for the first time.

8:00: Elway's memories of his last month with his father.

9:45: How Elway evaluates players.

11:20: Elway on Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler.

12:00: What got Elway hooked on building teams?

14:15: Elway explains his relationship with his players, tries not to get too close.

18:30: Elway on recruiting Peyton Manning and asking him to take a paycut his last year.

20:23: Will Peyton Manning be competing against Elway running teams in a few years?

22:00: Elway compares the difficulty of winning a Super Bowl as a quarterback and as an executive.

23:45: What Elway learned from negotiating with Von Miller.

25:35: How Elway finds value late in the draft.

28:00: Elway on Kubiak's feel for the psyche of players.

32:20: Is the level of involvement of an executive on game day the same as being a player?

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