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Plus all the Week 4 action and what it all means going forward

By Gary Gramling
October 03, 2016

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This week's show:

1. Julio Jones is not human, but the Panthers defense is — 1:52

2. In New England, this is what a third-string QB is supposed to look like — 8:06

3. Raiders steal one in Baltimore; is this team ready to breakthrough? — 13:52

4. Steelers light up the Chiefs on Sunday night — 19:12

5. Trevor Siemian out, Paxton Lynch in, but the Denver D is so good that it doesn’t really matter — 25:11

6. The Rams go to the desert and take over the NFC West — 26:22

7. Drew Brees returns to San Diego and is gifted a game by the Chargers — 33:49

8. It might be time to talk about relegating the AFC South — 37:07

9. The Lightning-ish Round (a 50-yard PI flag, Jason Witten gets to call his own fouls, Richard Sherman vs. Brandon Marshall, Bears win!) — 43:30

10. Week 3 Awards (Offensive, Defensive, Special Teams Players, and Coach of the Week) — 50:20

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