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A conversation with the Steelers quarterback on the impact of self-reporting a concussion last season, fatherhood, and whether or not he is underrated

By Peter King
November 09, 2016

In this episode of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, I sat down for a conversation with Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Joe Buck, broadcaster for Fox Sports.

Roethlisberger discusses what the six Super Bowl trophies in the lobby of the Steelers office mean to him, his maturation into a family guy, and whether or not he’s underrated. He also talks about the impact of self-reporting concussion symptoms, as he did once last season. 

Buck discusses what was quite possibly the greatest World Series in history, whether he would choose football or baseball as his favorite sport to call, and his new book which details his father, sportscaster Jack Buck and his impact on Joe's life.

2:15: Roethlisberger on what the six Super Bowl trophies in the Steeler's office mean to him.

3:55: On playing under the expectations of the '70s Steelers.

5:50: Roethlisberger looks back on his draft day

8:20: On not being happy with the way he played in his first Super Bowl win.

10:00: On his touchdown throw to Santonio Holmes in Super Bowl XLIII, the most memorable throw in his career.

14:50: Roethlisberger on how he has matured as a family man now that he is a father

16:15: Does Roethlisberger want to play long enough so that his three children will remember what dad did for a living?

17:30: On the impact self-reporting a concussion in a close game last season.

18:50: On switching helmets to better protect his head.

21:00: On his legacy as a physical quarterback. Is his body the prototype for QBs of the future, to defend against hits?

22:39: Roethlisberger on whether or not he is underrated.

23:15: Does he think about the end of his career?

23:50: On Pittsburgh becoming his forever home.

24:50: On comments that James Harrison made about him after the Bengals Steelers  playoff game.

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