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A conversation with Denver's new head coach on his interview process and inspirations. Plus, hear from A.J. Hawk and Rich Gannon

By Peter King
January 17, 2017

In this week's episode, I sat down for conversations with new Denver head coach Vance Joseph, former quarterback and MVP Rich Gannon and former Green Bay linebacker A.J. Hawk.

Joseph explains why he thinks he's ready to be an NFL head coach after just one year as a coordinator in Miami. He reveals what he said to John Elway to get the job. Joseph also talks about what Wade Phillips taught him about coaching that he'll never forget.

Gannon discusses what makes Aaron Rodgers so great and why he yelled "wow" while watching the Green Bay-Dallas playoff game. He also talks about the surprising two elements of a quarterback's game that he thinks are biggest triggers for success.

Hawk looks back on his career and remembers who he sat next to in team meetings in Green Bay for nine straight years. Hawk also explains why he wishes he would have taken notes on Aaron Rodgers from his Packer days. Hawk has never had a documented concussion on any level of football, and he discusses what that portends for his future.


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