The Patriots scored a walkoff touchdown to win the first overtime game in Super Bowl history.
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A conversation with Dave Portnoy, creator of Barstool Sports and unofficial leader of New England's fan base

By Albert Breer
February 07, 2017

In light of New England's impressive comeback to win Super Bowl LI, I talked to Dave Portnoy, El Presidente, creator of Barstool Sports and huge Patriots supporter. Portnoy talked about what made this Super Bowl win different than the others and the role that Barstool played in the Deflategate drama. He also talks about the evolution of Barstool as a company.

Portnoy discusses the Ravens’ potential involvement in Deflategate (32:05) and he talks about going to jail for defending Tom Brady’s honor during Deflategate (35:00).
What is it like to be the unofficial mouthpiece of the Patriots? (42:51) On hatred for Goodell: “I’ve never had anybody that I’ve met with the New England Patriots say “Nah, we don’t actually hate Goodell. We think he’s doing ok.” (46:31) Portnoy picks which of New England’s last two Super Bowl wins seemed more improbable. (50:26) On New England's dominance: “It’s so arrogant and it’s so cocky, but the Patriots basically play a two-game season every year. They play the AFC Championship and the Super Bowl.” (56:16).

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