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The Ravens coach on competitiveness with his brother Jim, whether he wishes Tom Brady would retire, and why he passionately defends football. The soon-to-be-rich cornerback on free agency, lessons from J.J. Watt

By Peter King
March 08, 2017

This week, I sat down for conversations with Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh and the soon-to-strike-it-rich Houston cornerback A.J. Bouye. Harbaugh talks about whether he ever wishes Tom Brady would just retire, the competitiveness of his brother (Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh) and what happens when they play a family pickup basketball game. He explains why he is so staunchly defensive about his quarterback Joe Flacco, and why he feels he needs to defend football so fervently. Bouye discusses how he morphed from a margin NFL cornerback to an elite one, the importance of reading in his life, and the lessons he takes from J.J. Watt. He also talks about what he plans to do with his signing bonus.

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