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We get stacks and stacks of letters, so here’s another full show of listener mail once again. On why college coaches don’t prepare QBs for the NFL (and why the college passing game is so much different), a potential lack of Hall of Famers from the Belichick Patriots and much more

By Gary Gramling
March 27, 2017

Another madcap mailbag, including plenty of football knowledge crammed down your throat.

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This week’s show:

• Shouldn’t college coaches be responsible for better preparing their quarterbacks for the NFL? — 1:41

• Why the lack of Belichick era Patriots in the Hall of Fame? — 11:11

• What would your philosophical approach to free agency be? — 20:04

• Why do athletic freaks get drafted ahead of high-character guys, when the high-character guys usually pan out better? — 26:02

• If offenses can get defenses to tip their hand by flexing a fullback out wide, can defenses counter by playing zone out of a man set-up, or vice versa? — 29:22

• How has the new CBA practice rules affected teams? — 32:35

• Are, like, Belichick’s former assistants going around the AFC sabotaging other teams by acquiring terrible quarterbacks? — 35:42

• How does Jimme Ward fit at free safety? — 41:40

• In light of the 7-footer as a red zone receiving threat question, how about a Darren Sproles-sized guy as a pass-rush specialist? — 43:20

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