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And 45 minutes of some stream-of-consciousness football discussions as we gear up for the NFL draft

By Gary Gramling
April 03, 2017

Sometimes when you’ve been with someone for a long time, you need to… spice things up a bit. So that’s where Andy and I found ourselves before recording this episode. We decided to be spontaneous and do something crazy. We did this whole show without a script. Just 45 minutes of stream-of-consciousness football talk. The equivalent of a guitar solo at a Phish concert (Andy not only knew who Phish was, but he also knew it was spelled with a P-H). Andy compared it to winging a pass downfield into triple coverage We’re not sure if this episode we’ll be deemed good or bad. But it will probably sound a little different.

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This week’s show:

• Browns stuff (What’s good about them? How does Myles Garrett fit?) 

• Jets stuff (showing some actual patience when it comes to developing quarterbacks) 

• 49ers stuff (What do they have to be happy about?) 

• Panthers stuff (What needs to happen for them to bounce back?) 

• Bills stuff (an actual rebuilding year?) 

• Bears stuff (it’s a really good defense!) 

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