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Plus, how the Dolphins and Giants tried to build their offenses Cowboys-style, why last year’s top teams lacked pass rush

By Gary Gramling
April 17, 2017

Big mailbag coming next week! Send those questions now. But this week’s show is very good as well.

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This week’s show:

• The Giants, the Dolphins, and the art of building an offensive line Cowboys-style — 2:18

• Have the Chiefs hit their ceiling? — 10:22

• Last year’s top teams (final four plus the Cowboys, to be specific) didn’t have much of a pass rush. What’s the deal with that? — 13:59

• Has the Seahawks’ window closed, and is Richard Sherman the best or the worst player in football right now (he can’t be in between)? — 15:41

• Seriously, what’s going on with Todd Gurley? — 26:08

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