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This is the show for the connoisseur. Or just people who want to know more about football and how it works

By Gary Gramling
June 14, 2017

Did any Cowboys make the list? You’ll have to listen to find out! (But yes, there are many Cowboys on this list. But it’s not all Cowboys so you should still listen.) We also have talk of fighting in a phone booth versus fighting in an auditorium. And sucker-punching. And why the importance of the blindside is an outdated concept. And why you’ll definitely win your fantasy league if you listen to this show. Though I’m still not sure why I said that.

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This week’s show:

Number 10—6:23

Number 9—11:48

Number 8—15:33

Number 7—20:09

Number 6—24:55

Number 5—26:49

Number 4—30:44

Number 3—32:18

Number 2—34:18

Number 1—35:46

Others receiving votes—43:30

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