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Sorting out who’s the best of the Big Three: Antonio, Julio and OBJ. Plus, Larry Fitzgerald’s incredible second act, why we’ll learn a whole lot about Dez Bryant in 2017 and much more

By Gary Gramling
July 10, 2017

Some wide receivers are not very good. But some wide receivers are very, very good. I believe Knute Rockne said that.

On this episode of the 10 Things Podcast, Andy and I discuss the very, very good receivers, 10 of them specifically, plus a few more that made our others receiving votes. As is the case on all these shows: come for the rankings, stay for Andy’s mind-blowing insights.

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This week’s show:

Number 10—3:26

Number 9—8:38

Number 8—13:37

Number 7—18:57

Number 6—20:59

Number 5—24:55

Number 4—28:24

Number 3—33:43

Number 2—40:40

Number 1—44:51

Others receiving votes—48:34

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