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How Ron Rivera is dealing with the fallout of the Panthers’ change at GM. Plus, scouts’ prescient comments on Ezekiel Elliott, Matthew Stafford is next up for a mega-contract, and why there’s no reason to compare NFL and NBA contracts
The Washington Redskins haven’t treated Kirk Cousins like a franchise quarterback, but their year-to-year contracts have paid him like one—while giving him all the leverage going into the future  
It took the league—and some on the team—by surprise, but there were signs the end was near. Here are three flash points that played a part in the Chiefs changes. Plus more notes on a glaring Cowboys problem, Zach Orr’s big risk and the back story of the feel-good tale of the offseason
Silent all offseason, the unemployed quarterback has created a vacuum that is being filled with tweets, opinions and teams wondering just how committed he is. Here's why Kaepernick should speak up. Plus notes on the rookie QBs, Derek Carr’s contract and the NFL link to the NBA champ
It’s too early to say if the ex-Viking will find his footing in New Orleans, but his new teammates swear the veteran running back still has the juice. A look at Peterson’s next chapter, plus notes on an emerging Dolphins star, a Lion-sized loss and a subtle but significant change for those in stripes