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For a decade, the NFL staged an exhibition to determine third place. Vince Lombardi famously called it “a hinky-dink game,” while others just labeled it the Losers’ Bowl or the Toilet Bowl. But it still played a significant role in shaping the sports landscape of the 1960s
At first glance, Deion Jones is undersized and a bit of a lightweight to be a middle ’backer. But in the pass-happy NFL, his speed makes him the prototype for an evolving position
His big-league dream is the longest of long shots—but remember that playoff win against the Steelers? Wherever this baseball odyssey takes him, for Tim Tebow it’s all part of a much bigger plan
What’s life like for the NFL’s top news-breaker on his biggest day of the year? We went behind the scenes with ESPN’s Adam Schefter for the whirlwind first day of 2017 free agency as he chased scoops—and those precious Markman points